The earliest documented evidence of martial arts practice and study dates back over 2000 years. Murals in the tombs of ancient Egypt depict fighting techniques being used in combat and competition. The first Olympics held by the Greeks in the 8th Century BCE included boxing, wrestling, and pankration. The development of martial arts has directly coincided with the spread of civilization across the globe, and every culture on Earth has engaged in the study of martial arts.

The development of fighting arts on the Asian continent is well-documented and includes a wide variety of styles, approaches, and techniques. These arts have been handed down through teachings and through written documents over the centuries, and all forms of modern martial arts can trace their roots back to the original Japanese, Chinese, and Korean methods of warfare.

Jung Shin Martial Arts honors the traditions of these early fighting arts through the study and practice of their history and techniques.

Jung Shin Martial Arts

World Class Fitness

6206 South 31st Street

Fort Smith, AR 72908

(479) 597-0297 or (479) 646-4022


$30/month per student. Discounted rates will be available for current WCF members as well as for martial arts students who would like to join WCF.

Tuition covers unlimited class attendance, with no restrictions on training. Additional fees are kept to a bare minimum, and may include training uniforms and other equipment, only on an as-needed basis.

Limited scholarships and tuition assistance available. Contact instructional staff for more information.

“Victory begins in training”


In addition to learning practical self-defense, the study and practice of martial arts holds numerous benefits for students of all ages and abilities, including:
- Increase in physical fitness
- Improved cardiovascular health
- Improved joint function and flexibility
- Lower cholesterol and blood pressure
- Increase in muscle tone
- Reduction in body fat
- Reduction in stress hormones
- Increase in confidence and poise
- Augmented focus and attention
- Improved mental clarity and performance

Jung Shin Martial Arts lets each student set their own goals, and allows individuals to work and learn at their own pace. With proper habits and practice, the martial arts can provide a lifetime of enjoyment and health for all practitioners.


Classes are open to students ages 10+. Students younger than 10 may be eligible to train at the discretion of the instructor. All classes are held at World Class Fitness.

Schedule of Classes:

Thursdays: 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Saturdays: 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Since the dawn of the earliest civilizations, humans have been in conflict with one another and have studied methods of attaining victory in combat.

In modern times, the study of martial arts has become a path of self-improvement. The pillars of respect and etiquette required of every martial artist will forge students into confident and productive members of their community and society at large.