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Nicole Thomas, Manager

Sharla Porter, Administrative Assistant

*** We do offer membership discounts for military, first responders,  teachers,  etc.  Check out those discounts to see if you qualify here.                                        $35.00 a month            also corporation discounts are offered

refer a friend and get a free month for every person that signs up that you refered.

Tanning Options

Single Session                              $6.00
Monthly Draft Unlimited      $17.00
One Month Unlimited             $25.00
Tanning 1 year paid in full  $150.00

World Class Fitness

6206 S. 31st St.

Fort Smith, AR 72908

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Day pass                                       $10.00

one full day use of facility

Weekly Pass                              $25.00

seven consecutive full day uses of facility

      monthly   E.F.T     no tax

Single Membership               $45.00
Couple membership             $65.00
Family membership               $80.00
(children 14-21)

student membership          $27.44

   (Single) must show Student Id                                                        

(12 month agreement     $30.00 month)

1 year prepaid

Single (one person)          $380.00

Couple membership           $580.00
Family Membership            $740.00

(children 14-21)