Accomplishments & Certifications

  • First women in the U.S. to pass Fitranx level 8
  • Took 2nd place at the 2015 Strength Camp Challenge in Tampa, FL


Most weekdays, hours vary

Call or email to make an appointment

Kids on the Move class for ages 7 to 14:
Tuesday & Thursday, 4 - 4:30 p.m.
$50 registration and class fee


I have always been passionate about fitness and helping others accomplish their goals. I've been a part of the World Class Fitness team for about 12 years now. I started out as a member, transitioned into personal training and am now the manager. I am proud to be a part of the #1 fitness center in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Hobbies/Special Interests

  • Staying active and working out

  • Photography

  • Anything outdoors

  • Spending time with family and friends

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